Directors Message

Welcome students,

After the completion of your basic education, you are now at a cross roads, where you have to choose the path that is best suited for your future. The days of local competitions at school level is over now and much tougher ones at the national level are knocking at your door.Welcome students,

Cracking the national level exam is all about your Perseverence, Endurance, Learnig ability, Time and Stress Management and Burning Zeal to walk the path to Success.

We at Rise education are commited to provide quality educationin highly competitive congenial and healthy environment along with the comprehensive study materials. We attempt the things tha cpould change your life in general and career  in particular.Our team is always ready to help any student at any time. we are very much eager to see you succeed. Our true happiness is seeing you achieveing your dreams. For us each and every student is pecious.

The difference between a successful person and the others is not a lack of knowledge but a lack of Will, Guidance and Mentoring.

Thank you.